About us


Address: The New District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: 0707123123
Fanpage: www.facebook.com/ahihidongoc
Website: https://khoahethongthongtin.com/tmdt407nhom03/

Our story

ANDROS combines the demand of a multinational industrial group and the values of a French family-owned business, proud of its rural roots for more than 100 years. Although fruit is historically at the heart of ANDROS’ DNA, the group’s expertise revolves around other know-how such as confectioneries, dairy products and frozen desserts.

Did you know?

  • 1910: Beginning of a small business of fruits and nuts in the middle of fruit region in France
  • 1959: Creation of ANDROS company
  • 1971: Launch of BONNE MAMAN preserves
  • 1971: Launch of BONNE MAMAN preserves
  • 1976: PIERROT GOURMAND (created in 1982) joined ANDROS
  • 1992: MAMIE NOVA (created in 1949) joined ANDROS
  • 1999: Set up of BEIJING ANDROS FRUIT (China)
  • 2008: Launch of BONNE MAMAN dairy product
  • 2010: Launch of ANDROS fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 2015: BARKER’S (New Zealand) joined ANDROS
  • 2016: Hung Phat (Vietnam) joined ANDROS

Our “Savoir faire”

Fruit based products: ANDROS is well-known as a global leading company in fruit processing. BONNE MAMAN is our Number 1 worldwide premium preserve brand.

Dairy products: The second main activity of Andros is the production of dairy products. Andros’ expertise in yoghurt and dairy-based dessert lies in the strong know-how of our brand MAMIE NOVA.
Confectioneries: Since 1892, our confectioneries under the brand name PIERROT GOURMAND have been delighting generations of children and adults alike.
Frozen desserts: ANDROS’ true expertise as well as choices of formats and gourmet recipes enable us to meet any demand, even the most unique ones.