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You will tak you ist pill on th ist day you piod on th ist Sunday at you piod bgins. You may nd tus back-up bith contol, such as condoms a spmicid, whn you ist stat using Alss. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

“Bcoming pgnant whil taking Alss has impactd my li and my patn’s li, as I am now lss than a no prescription provera. ya out school with a lag studnt loan, and h is only just complting univsity this sping,” said MacKinnon.

Cigatt smoking incass isk sious cadiovascula advs cts om combination homonal contacptiv us isk incass with ag (>35 yas) and with havy smoking (?15 cigatts/day) Advis womn whus homonal oal contacptivs not tsmok Not th tatmnt patints whus hpatitis C dug combinations containing ombitasvi/paitapvi/itonavi, with without dasabuvi, du tth potntial ALT lvations.

Tmak su you can saly tak Alss, tll you docti you hav any ths oth conditions:

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